Towards the northern lights

As if it were a rallying cry, a call to action or the same fate pushing me out of this shell. I’ve spent years traveling and recent months I have spent in Oslo, working and fighting for some economic goals of which I’m sure not perform it, but those who know me already know that money doesn’t stop me, even so retain hope to earning more. No. The main reason for my stay in the Norwegian capital is a phenomenon that only happens at the poles at certain times of the year. That’s why when my friends told me they wanted to go to a cabin to see the northern lights I could not repress I’m going with you! And I went to the best way I know to get the sites, with Negrita 🙂

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Lofoten and North Pole

Two weeks have passed since my last post about my trip, it seemed that it would be the end, but no. That day only I finish the project Towards North Cape, but here I am, back to the road. And you’d better buckle your belts because in two weeks we ran nearly a thousand kilometers, and yes, we have, because I do not travel alone. But let’s start at the beginning.

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North Cape, where myths are born

It have happen thousands of things since I decided several months go up to North Cape. I have always said and say that what is special about this remote place in Europe is not the destination but the journey that you have to do. These are not the kilometers, but the moments lived with intensity as overwhelming as it can be the wind, rain or sun 24 hours. A destination that becomes greater by the sweat and effort, brave and the courage needed to achieve a myth, Nordkapp.

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Traveling to north legends

This week has been special, so special that I had to explain two post. After the first part of the week might bear the entire 24 hours, traveling 24 and need 48 hours to rest! Well, neither it is true that needed so much, but it was raining … the perfect excuse! So I rested a day at Raahe before returning to rock n roll.

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