Iceland part 4: highlands

Of all the adventures I have in Europe, these last few weeks have been the most impressive of all. I survived the wrath of the wind, the glacial river of early September, with the only sustenance of the rivers and what I wore. But I have learned that the purest beauty is the simplest of all. Welcome to the highlands of Iceland.

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Path of culture

There is nothing like stopping to think that is what you have done these last two weeks of travel. It is not by routine, incompatible word in an adventure trip, is by absorbing all the information acquired and learned on route. When you seem to have had a quiet week and with hardly any important things to tell, you realize that is when more things have to explain, because moments require time to learn from them. A simple trip a priori between two Scandinavian capitals has become a master class of art, history, culture and human generosity.
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5 reasons for making bicycle touring

Many people ask me why I travel by bicycle. Why do I do bicycle touring? Clearly, there are many ways to travel the world and sightseeing: plane, boat, buses, caravans … even travel by motorbike seems easier to do it by bicycle. All means are valid to open the mind, who want to open, of course. Today I will discuss my 5 reasons for cycling and not stay at home:

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