Live the life you would like to write

I know you’re all waiting for my next post on the trip, but today I do not want to talk about it. Today I want to write about a phrase that led me to be the man I am today, a slogan so powerful as to make the most distrustful and pessimistic person into someone capable of achieving all his goals and channeling all bad energies into positivity. Live the life you would like to write. And this prayer is not telling us to go to the neighborhood bookstore for pencil and paper, is telling us to live once and for all as we would like to live, without complexes or fears. Be yourself.
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Looking out to sea

 There are moments of the journey that are of the passage, simply sections that have to be transited to go from point A to B and so on. But in travel as in life there is nothing written. These days had nothing planned with more social interest than the cape of Skagen, known by the clash of seas between the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and by the amount of painters who have recorded in their paintings moments of that enormous end of sand. But the writers of this story, which is my life, have decided that I deserved emotive moments, and times when I would have to control my temper and use my wits to achieve goals. Never in my life had I spent so much time looking out to sea…
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Path of culture

There is nothing like stopping to think that is what you have done these last two weeks of travel. It is not by routine, incompatible word in an adventure trip, is by absorbing all the information acquired and learned on route. When you seem to have had a quiet week and with hardly any important things to tell, you realize that is when more things have to explain, because moments require time to learn from them. A simple trip a priori between two Scandinavian capitals has become a master class of art, history, culture and human generosity.
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Sweden, to re-encounter with an old friend

I return to the tracks after a long winter break. My stay in the Norwegian capital has left a mark on me, I have experiences there like to write a book, but this is a blog about my travels not a reality TV show, so I will not write about my days in Oslo. I will just say THANK YOU to all those who have been with me these last months, my friends, ex-co-workers and flatmates (I have remarked to my flatmates not to tell me that I do not talk about them like on the radio). It is always difficult to leave the people you appreciate behind. I think that as time goes by it costs more, but I will also say that my idea of continuing has never been more stubborn. In Oslo I have found people who after seven months have come to appreciate, and even love on my way, are and will be friends for all life. But the long stays have not been good of me in recent times, so many days stopped lost my track and myself. It’s time to meet me again. Continue Reading

Two years travelling


Time flies and doesn’t stop. Two years since I left Ireland. I have traveled 20 countries, 16,046 kilometers and millions of experiences that I can’t fit into a single video.

I want to thank Txarango for this wonderful song that fills our soul with joy and inspired me to make this video. Thank you!

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Towards the northern lights

As if it were a rallying cry, a call to action or the same fate pushing me out of this shell. I’ve spent years traveling and recent months I have spent in Oslo, working and fighting for some economic goals of which I’m sure not perform it, but those who know me already know that money doesn’t stop me, even so retain hope to earning more. No. The main reason for my stay in the Norwegian capital is a phenomenon that only happens at the poles at certain times of the year. That’s why when my friends told me they wanted to go to a cabin to see the northern lights I could not repress I’m going with you! And I went to the best way I know to get the sites, with Negrita 🙂

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Way to my fate

I stayed a few extra days in Trondheim to prepare for my arrival in the capital of Norway. There are times when it seems that you are fated to spend unforgettable things, unforgettable but is not always funny, or at least not at the moment is happening. Because if I say I looked like a fish since my departure from Trondheim to my arrival in Røros being on a terrace with a pitcher of beer in my hand will make us everyone laughing. But when you feel you are so wet that you feel you are becoming a amphibious like Kevin Costner in Waterworld it does not look the same… luckily, Røros is a good place to wait out the time 🙂

banner camiseta alargado

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Trondheim, the viking capital

The days are flying. I start to see my night and sunsets appreciated increasingly early1. I’ve had a week without complications and luckily I managed to dodge the rain… more or less! Today I’m writing from the tourist office, in a very special day. But although probably you already know because it is so special, I will not say anything until the end of the post. First explain what I have done these days 🙂

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