Live the life you would like to write

I know you’re all waiting for my next post on the trip, but today I do not want to talk about it. Today I want to write about a phrase that led me to be the man I am today, a slogan so powerful as to make the most distrustful and pessimistic person into someone capable of achieving all his goals and channeling all bad energies into positivity. Live the life you would like to write. And this prayer is not telling us to go to the neighborhood bookstore for pencil and paper, is telling us to live once and for all as we would like to live, without complexes or fears. Be yourself.

Improve yourself

From childhood we are taught where the limit of everything is, and when we say everything we are talking about ourselves. It is the first limit we learn, we received the fears of adults that we could pass something and we can not move forward. Everything passes through the filter of the fears and the one who will say, will it be well? Will I be a shame to my parents? A bad person? Will I disappoint my friends? To society? But the real question we must ask ourselves is: Am I the person I want to be?

Overcoming these limits is complicated, I admit, but beyond that we will find happiness. We just need to take the first step, and never stop walking in the direction of that person we want to be. We must think that every step we take brings us a little closer to our goals, our illusions and our dreams. There are no impossible goals, no idle illusions, no small dreams. All are perceptions of a society classified in cheap fashion trends, which tell us how to live, and bring us nothing more than hives in our most intimate emotions.

Jump, that is the secret, throw us into the void of that well of fears that prevent us from being ourselves. Others will always call us crazy, there is nothing we can do for them. The important thing is to know that we are free to do everything we want to do, without trampling on anyone’s freedom or hurting them because you have thought of landing with a helicopter on their roofs, respecting others does not limit us at all our purpose of character of story. We just have to understand that everything we know is part of the culture of the place where we were born, to know new ways we must move.

And of course, every action has a responsibility. In my case I decided to want to be that character of adventure books, a mixture of Indiana Jones and Phineas Fogg inspired by quixotic stories to launch me for that adventure that is slowly becoming my life. I am responsible that I will not be at weddings, nor baptisms, nor births, nor compliments, nor the good times nor the bad ones. Not everything that glitters is gold or silver. My decision has taken me away from all the people I love and appreciate. I am just at that age when all events are accelerated, but if I had the opportunity to return to the past, I would do so again. Because for once in my life, I’m not afraid to be me. And I know that the people who love me are on my side, leaning on me from a distance, as strong as I can do for them. Because they know that this makes me happy, and is that in the end to live as we would like to be as people. Come to honesty with you and love you. It does not take much more to find happiness.

So this is the message I left. Whatever happens never stop being that person you would like to be. It does not matter whether you are a man or a woman, or the type of sexuality you have, whether you are religious or atheist, or political ideology. We all walk together to the same destination, even if there are people who do not understand, so never stop dreaming. We can all be that person we want to be, we can live the life we would like to write.

Fly free.


4 Replies to “Live the life you would like to write”

  1. Manuel Pedrero

    Creo que tenido un anguila vuela muy alto.Libre como en viento.Vivo contigo tú cesaciones,emociones y tú liberta.Si te pierdes cosa familiares y amigos tú nos enseña el mundo con la historia de cada lugar y por eso te queremos. Sigue tú camino que es la dirección de casa

  2. Raquel

    Creo que no podrias explicarlo de otra manera, se te echa de menos, me encantaria que estuvieras aqui a nuestro lado en lo bueno y en lo malo (ya lo has estado muchas veces) pero verte tan feliz tan lleno de vida me hace ver q tienes q volar libre, y que por mi parte seré el aire q empuje tus alas. Escribe tu libro


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