Heroes of the road



I was always impressed by the great travelers, but some travelers who do not stop to surprising me. Jens Kwass is a German born near Köln (Cologne) in the basin of the river Rhine. He left his hometown after many other adventures on foot, including the Camino de Santiago where he made 5,000 kilometers.

En estos momentos Jens se dirige al gigante Ruso donde piensa viajar por algo más de un año, de ahí continuará su viaje hasta Australia y donde el viento le lleve. Aquí tenéis su blog donde explica sus experiencias

In this moments Jeans is going to the giant Russia country where he’s thinking to travel for more than one year, from there he will continue to Australia and where the wind push him. Here you have hes blog where he explain his experience: www.wanderleben.com


And if I change the bike by the cart? Do I change around the world on foot?

Jens a greeting and good luck on your journey!

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  1. Tim

    Fa temps vaig conèixer en Jens en un cafè de Barcelona i espontàniament vaig oferir-li el nostre sofà. Per casualitat som de pobles veïns en Alemanya. Del seu blog vaig trobar el teu. Quan viatges a peu, sembre es esperançador trobar d’altres que estan realitzant els seus somnis.


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