Vlog #5 – Riding to the spring


After a long time without “video-blogging” I return to do it with much stories. From Germany to reach Riga I had to travel across Poland and Lithuania … more than a Vlog it is a documentary.

Remind you that buying shirts or any products with the logo of “La vuelta al mundo a la velocidad de los caracoles (Around the world at the speed of snails)” I will donate 50% of profits to Save the Children, we’ll be helping many dreams come true.

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Vlog #4 Critical Mass in Dresden


Here I am participating in the Critical Mass in Dresden. This event is regularly done once a month to remind everyone that we are also part of the circulation.

In the last two weeks have been three people died in traffic accidents. Cities and roads need improving infrastructure for meetings between cyclists and other road users to a minimum contact and guarantee security for all.

But above all we need that we ALL respect the traffic rules. Remember that we are people above all. Respect 1.5m to overtake to cyclist, our lives depend on it.

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