New Year’s purpose

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I have not been pedaling for a couple of long months now. Do not worry, I do not leave the bike, and least of all my Negrita. It’s just another break, like last year, to get funds and continue traveling, which is what I like the most. So, this year 2018 is very interesting, and I would like to share my New Year’s purpose with everyone and see how many are fulfilled at the end of the season. 🙂 Continue Reading

How to get money for a round the world trip

They have been asking me for a long time, how do you pay for such a long trip? Are you a millionaire? Do you have sponsors? And the question that sounds me funny: your parents are millionaires? And it seems that traveling for so many months a year makes people think that I am a favorite son of the bank. No ladies and gentlemen, I am not a millionaire, nor my parents, nor do I have sponsors, there are many ways to finance a long trip, and I will explain them, in case someone is encouraged 😉 Continue Reading

Live the life you would like to write

I know you’re all waiting for my next post on the trip, but today I do not want to talk about it. Today I want to write about a phrase that led me to be the man I am today, a slogan so powerful as to make the most distrustful and pessimistic person into someone capable of achieving all his goals and channeling all bad energies into positivity. Live the life you would like to write. And this prayer is not telling us to go to the neighborhood bookstore for pencil and paper, is telling us to live once and for all as we would like to live, without complexes or fears. Be yourself.
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5 reasons for making bicycle touring

Many people ask me why I travel by bicycle. Why do I do bicycle touring? Clearly, there are many ways to travel the world and sightseeing: plane, boat, buses, caravans … even travel by motorbike seems easier to do it by bicycle. All means are valid to open the mind, who want to open, of course. Today I will discuss my 5 reasons for cycling and not stay at home:

banner camiseta alargado

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Towards to Nordkapp 2.0

It seems like yesterday when I traveled to Nordkapp by motorbike, but almost five years have passed. I wanted to have written this post a while ago but for different reasons I have not yet explained the reason for my decision to return to the place where I gave life to this blog.

Everything starts with a small feeling I had since I made that trip. Nordkapp is a special place, needs no introduction, anyone who knows what it is and where it is already have an idea that getting there is an adventure and a challenge, but … why repeat it? Here I explain how it was that trip and the reasons which make me repeat destination.
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How to prepare the bike to around the world?

Whenever we start planning a trip of several days, months or what could become several years we get the same question what do we need to ride a bike? And this does not happen only on the first trip, even those who already have several trips in tow we go crazy looking for new methods to carry less luggage and try to avoid making past mistakes. So here I will try to share my knowledge and gears that have served me for my travels.
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How to choose the type of trip? Agency or on your own

Surfing the net entertained me with announcements of a travel agency, and seeing that the destination was Norway I could not avoid comparing my trip to North Cape with what they offered, obviously the only point that has comparison with my way of traveling it is the destination. Clear that a comparison would not make sense without reason, how I showed a good friend of mine, not only does not make sense but it would be unethical such a comparison. But what would be the reason to compare a travel agency or a trip on our own? The result is obvious, we have not yet decided how to travel! Continue Reading

The learning

Welcome everyone to this new entry of Los viajes de Manel.

You may wonder why write a post about something already written on the blog Do not you have enough work with the official website of the round the world?

The truth is yes. We have much work to do. But this blog has cost me a lot of work, hours of dedication and it’s a shame to leave it abandoned. But above all, this blog is the only place where I control everything I want to explain in a more personal and intimate way. I know  that there will be failures Continue Reading