The canal of the two seas

“The ways of the world were created billions of years ago. They are not creation of man. They were created long before the humans arrived on the planet and conquer all, even the ways. Under the theory of evolution, applicable to everything, humans modify the ways. First stone … then with asphalt. But man’s ambition has no limits Why can only travel by land vehicles with wheels? Why boats can not travel across the continent? and so, under the ultimate ambition of man, he was born a new kind of way. They called canal and with it the dream of a ship sailing across the continent came true…”

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The theory of spacetime

I never stopped to think about the relationship of space-time. We have a saying: the time takes its toll. And the relation must be direct with space for, after more than two thousand kilometers, Pupas and I are paying the wear …

Leave Le Mont Saint Michel and I went to write my last article, that of “The route of the three countries.” That day I could not do more than 47 kilometers.

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