Third year trip, the video clip!


This is my video of the third year giving my particular round the world. Not everything has to be quantity, for me, it is worth more the quality of the trip. This year I have traveled around 6,500 kilometers between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland, of which 4,500km have been pedaled on the Viking island, the hardest and most amazing country of the 23 courses in the last three years. I want to thank as always all those who support me in this incredible project and especially those who have helped me in one way or another. THANK YOU!

Also thank Cirko Kandela for putting music to this wonderful year. And to Joseph Powell for lending me the last scene with his drone 🙂

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Europe, the video clip



This is a small tribute to my tour of Europe by bicycle. 23 countries and 22,330 kilometers traveled with the best companies, Negrita and Pupas, my bicycles. There will never be words that can explain the experiences I’ve lived.

Thanks to all of you who have helped me to get so far!

Music: Birds Fly – Max Blum

New Year’s purpose

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I have not been pedaling for a couple of long months now. Do not worry, I do not leave the bike, and least of all my Negrita. It’s just another break, like last year, to get funds and continue traveling, which is what I like the most. So, this year 2018 is very interesting, and I would like to share my New Year’s purpose with everyone and see how many are fulfilled at the end of the season. 🙂 Continue Reading

How to get money for a round the world trip

They have been asking me for a long time, how do you pay for such a long trip? Are you a millionaire? Do you have sponsors? And the question that sounds me funny: your parents are millionaires? And it seems that traveling for so many months a year makes people think that I am a favorite son of the bank. No ladies and gentlemen, I am not a millionaire, nor my parents, nor do I have sponsors, there are many ways to finance a long trip, and I will explain them, in case someone is encouraged 😉 Continue Reading

Iceland part 5: Ice

Iceland has become the Neverending Story of Michael Ende, and is that to find reality, you have to turn away and go through the fantastic. So I’ll say it in a more up-to-date way, the winter is coming, a motto that comes to me perfectly, because here, almost touching the north pole, it’s a cold place, and because it’s one of the shooting locations of Games of Thrones, and like Jon Snow, I do not know nothing. Nor of the luck I have had to survive the storm of Hofn, or to have reached the end without the need for a snowplow. Welcome to the last color of the Icelandic flag, white, like ice.
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Iceland part 4: highlands

Of all the adventures I have in Europe, these last few weeks have been the most impressive of all. I survived the wrath of the wind, the glacial river of early September, with the only sustenance of the rivers and what I wore. But I have learned that the purest beauty is the simplest of all. Welcome to the highlands of Iceland.

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Iceland part 3: Wind

I know what you’re all thinking, why wind and not ice? Is not that the missing element of the Icelandic flag? You are right, it is the white color of his brand new flag that I miss for writing, but despite having successfully overcome the Snæfellsjökull glacier, perfect excuse for the headline, it has not been the king of these days of route. I have struggled with the blizzard thousands of times, but it has been the first time i almost exhausted my existence, and is that with the wind we can not play. Next time I’m sailing!
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Iceland Part 2: Fire

This second part of the most adventurous island, for excellence or for commercial convenience, comes full of unforgettable moments, with a catastrophic end. Since I left Husavik, the days have flown by the speed of light. I’ve toured landscapes that seem difficult to place in real life, just like in a Hollywood movie. Without further ado, I present the second color of the Icelandic flag, red, fire. Action!
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Iceland part 1: Water

My main idea in Iceland was to write one or two posts at most, but due to the magnitude of events, script requirements and the amazing landscape of this island, I have been changed my opinion. There may be more parts than I could ever have imagined, but in nine hundred kilometers I have done I got anecdotes to write a book. I always thought that the Camino de Santiago was my most intense trip, but once again I was mistaken. Welcome to the first part of an unforgettable story.
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